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Viridian Forest, Kanto

While it was entirely unclear what brought the kitsune to the heavily forested part of a completely different world, the matter of the fact was that she was in it. Various fantastical creatures that barely match a predefined schema of animals seemed to line the ground, as she caught a glance at a most peculiar individual.

On an initial glance he seemed to be a kitsune, not unlike she was, however, his crimson furred, six curled tails cast doubt on that theory. Amber irises seemed to scan the surroundings as the boy (he looked like a boy no older than 16, or whatever the equivalent of that is for kitsune). He seemed to be sporting some strange equipment, with a golfclub attached at his side, not unlike one would sheathe a sword, a large, brown pouch on his hip, that the faint sound of liquid could be heard from, a strange, white box strapped to his arm, and a red scarf that blew in the cold, fall breeze that the T-shirt he’s wearing is really unsuited for.

At any rate, he seems to know where he is, so he might be able to point the kitsune in the right direction.


Rinnosuke was at his usual seat, as always. Reading a book to pass the time. When the boy came in, the shopkeeper’s eyes were directed to the person. 'What a strange attire for this kind of season.' He thought to himself. “Welcome to Kourind- Hey…”


"Oi, stop right th-" Before he could finish, the other had already made contact with the wall. Standing up from his seat, he sets the book he had aside. Attending to this one comes first.

"Humghpft!" And so face met wall. apparently, his pace was so brisk that he knocked himself on the floor, along with that red, feathered hat of his.

He sprawled out on the floor, in some sort of agony.  He didn’t seem to hit it that hard, but Maxew has a really low pain tolerance. Anyway, admits the confusion was two fox-like ears that made themselves visible to the shopkeeper, not unlike some kitsune youkai. The boy held his head where he made contact with the wall, not noticing the owner of the building he was in at all.



"I guess I’m going to venture forth in the world. I still only have a Alakazam and a Pidgeot from when I traveled around Kanto. Would that be sufficient for me?"

"Uh, well, most Trainers usually keep a Pokemon on them for water traversal purposes. Especially if you want to go to Hoenn."

"I mean, you’re kinda hovering at the moment, which would make that moot, but I think that might cause a scene in public."

Despite the fact he said that, he doesn’t seem to mind the fact that Mima is floating in front of him. ‘Cause you know, ghost.



"Oh my fucking God. Next thing you know, there’s going to be a garbage Pokemon or something!

"As far as Kanto is concerned, isn’t there already one?"

"Well, I mean, it’s technically sludge, but…"

He doesn’t know she means literally a bag of trash.



"So … let me get this straight … there’s more than Kanto and Johto? and there’s more than 251 Pokemon? How many Pokemon are there … and what of the regions?"


"Well, the lab estimated somewhere over seven hundred, with the newest region from France…"

Suddenly, Maxew.

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Kourindou, Gensokyo

It was a hot, humid day in Gensokyo. It was the normal operating hours for the shop of Rinnosuke Morichika, Kourindou. As per usual, not a soul had come into the shop that day until suddenly, the door was suddenly jostled open.

In through the door strolled in a distraught-looking boy, whom looked no older than sixteen. He seemed to be deep in thought. So much so that he missed the front counter and on a collision course with a wall perpendicular to it.

The boy seemed very strange, wearing a long, red jacket that went all the way to his ankles (that surely would give someone heat stroke in this weather) a hat with a brim that went out to his shoulders and a white feather sticking out of it, a strange white box that was attached to his wrist, and a red scarf that seemed to flap endlessly in a wind that certainly did not exist today nor indoors.

Anyway, Rinnosuke, you’d better get his attention before he hurts himself.

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Forest of Magic, Gensokyo

It was a normal, warm, incident-less day in Gensokyo. Near the Kirisame Magic Shop was, as usual, Marisa was out in front of her shop she rarely ran. Coming toward the shop was a very odd figure.

He looked like a youkai, on an initial glance. However, his clothing matched absolutely nothing that anyone in Gensokyo wore. He had a pair of red as hell pants, a golfclub strapped to his side, like a katana(not that Marisa knows what a golfclub is) a tan pouch at his side that sounded like liquids bouncing about inside, a strange, white box on his wrist, and a red scarf that flapped about despite there being absolutely no wind that day. He seemed remarkably on edge, and seemed to be looking in every direction but forward, oblivious to the fact he was approaching someone. His six, curled, fluffy red tails were puffed out, in that weird animal instinct to make the animal appear larger than they actually are.

At any rate, Marisa certainly didn’t have his attention, while still walking toward her. He might run into the wall of the shop if he doesn’t look forward soon.

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Near the Forest of Magic, Gensokyo

Chen had been given an order by Ran to help her with checking around Gensokyo to check the strength of the Great Hakurei Barrier and if any people or things had slipped through from the Outside World, and it so happened Chen came across a figure wandering out of a set of trees.

He looked very confused at his surroundings, as his six, curled, fox-like tails brushed around, almost as if they were looking too(?) and two canine ears swiveled about on his head, attempting to gain an understanding of the area.

That’s where any similarities to the youkai of Gensokyo ended, however, with his strikingly red pants, a grey-and-red t-shirt, a strange box that sat on his wrist that he seemed to be fruitlessly interacting with, not unlike some outsiders, along with black gloves and shoes.

Eventually, his gaze shifted to the bakeneko, of which he seemed shocked. His had went down to the golfclub at his side, attached in a manner similar to a katana. His hands were shaking immensely, and words finally left his mouth.

"Wh-Who’s there!?"

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"Ah! Viridian City!" Fortunately, the Pokemon Regions are in the same planet of Earth, on the Prime Timeline. "You are north of Johto, specifically North of Ecreteak City. You went North instead of South. South would lead to Goldenrod City." Tokiko smiles softly, pulling out what appears to be a fold out map. The map looks modern and current, including the new rail lines between Goldenrod <—> Saffron and a rail line Hearthome <—> Saffron. 


"You are here." she points out the golden area above Ecruteak City that represents the fall leaves. "That would be the realm of whom we call the Aki Sisters. Further north would be Youkai Mountain." 

"Did you by chance enter the grounds of Suzu (Bell) Tower?" This appears to be one of many backdoors in and out of Gensokyo, allowing youkai who wish to be Pokemon trainers a way to enter via Johto.

A glimmer of hope shone in the hybrid’s otherwise pupil-less eyes.It almost sparkled. For once, he didn’t even need to explain where Kanto is. His expression dimmed after looking at the map the girl showed him. He didn’t remember there being a gold area on the map of Johto.

"Wait a minute…that rail line isn’t supposed to be compete until the new millennium! Though…a bell tower? No, I was just going to Viridian City pick up some groceries. I live nearby it in Viridian Forest."

He looked slightly away after mentioning that last face, almost is if ashamed to admit it. He didn’t his beaten-up shack would even qualify as a house. He was confused about Tokiko talking about their location.

Youkai? W-wait, does that mean there are demons here? Like actual demons? Am I really in Johto?

He was staring to really doubt where he was, so he decided to fire a question.

"What year is it?"

A really random-sounding question, though.

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Tokiko stood there for a moment, watching his movements and behavior and smiles softly “I would not worry about me being a danger to you. I have no desire to do much of anything.” She blinks, holding onto her books on her chest. After much thought, she tilts her head, “Are.. are you doing alright?”

"I-I’m fine!" He almost shouted back, more out of nervousness than actual aggression.

"Actually…I AM a little lost. You wouldn’t happen to know a way back to Viridian City, would you? I could have sworn I was headed in that direction.." His hand moved to his side as his shoulders lost their tension, striking a less threatening pose.


360 Degrees by Tony Beck
A Red Fox listens to its surroundings as it sits along a snowy roadside in Algonquin Park


360 Degrees by Tony Beck

A Red Fox listens to its surroundings as it sits along a snowy roadside in Algonquin Park

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